Galeria SZARA
2002-2015 – Cieszyn
2016-2021 – Katowice
2022-2024 – Warszawa

The Szara Gallery grew out of the independent galleries scene. Inspired by the experiences and traditions of NGOs, Szara combines artistic activities, community building and cultural education with operating on the commercial art market. The Gallery program, focused on the organization of exhibitions, is complemented by meetings, concerts and other events.

Founded in 2002 in Cieszyn as an independent artist-run-space, in 2016 Szara moved to Katowice developing commercial activities and permanent cooperation with artists by supporting the implementation of their projects and promotion. 2022 brings not only the twentieth anniversary of Szara’s birth, but also a new chapter in the Gallery’s history – the opening of the new venue in Warsaw at Bracka 23.

In January 2024, the gallery finally closed its operations.