Joanna Rzepka-Dziedzic / Foundation President, Curator
Łukasz Dziedzic / Foundation Vice-President, Curator

2002-2015 – Cieszyn
from 2016 – Katowice

Szara Gallery, founded in 2002 in Cieszyn is an independent, non-commercial cultural institution, artist-run space. In 2016 it moved from Cieszyn to Katowice thus opening a new chapter in its history. The main goal of Galeria Szara’s activities is education in the field of contemporary art as well as supporting artists through the organization of exhibitions, workshops, concerts, as well as publishing catalogues and records. In order to broaden the scope of its activities while continuing with its programming and to secure funding that is independent from the state and public grants, in 2018 Szara Gallery has begun representing the artist and operating upon a partially commercial model.

The gallery is run by the Foundation Galeria Szara – a non-governmental organization.

We have been helping in the development of contemporary art in Poland for 17 years. Each amount will help us maintain space and continue to act at the highest level! Thank you

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