– painter, photographer, author of installations, video works, found-footage films, and dramatic texts, director. Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, at the Department of Intermedia. Lecturer at the University of Warsaw, teaching social arts at the Institute of Polish Culture. Blood is a recurring motif in her works: installations blotted with blood-colored paint or red paintings. Burska used to juxtapose beauty with what is commonly perceived as ugly, repellent, revolting. Her art would often be described as a combination of critical art with esthetic issues. For years, she was involved in found-footage videos, revealing the mechanisms of creation and imaging of contemporary cultural narratives. Her latest poetic paintings have become gentle and organic. Burska says that her works deal with problems with building cohesive images of reality. She is the author of “A Nest”, “The End of Violence” (with Magda Mosiewicz), “Rebellion of the Deaf”, and other texts that have been presented in art galleries and theatrical spaces.

Works in collections:
– Narodowa Galeria Sztuki Zachęta, Warszawa,
– Regionalna Zachęty Sztuki Współczesnej, Szczecin,
– Galerii Arsenał i Podlaskie Towarzystwo Zachęty Sztuk Pięknych, Białystok,
– Fundacja Instytut Promocji Sztuki, Warszawa,
– Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej Bunkier Sztuki, Kraków,
– Instytut Sztuki Wyspa, Gdańsk,
– Muzeum Narodowe w Gdańsku,
– Kolekcja Hotelu Europejskiego, Warszawa
– Łódzkie Towarzystwo Zachęty Sztuk Pięknych,
– Muzeum Okręgowe im. Leona Wyczółkowskiego w Bydgoszczy,
– Kolekcja Miasta Gdańsk / NOMUS,
– Kolekcja Banku PKO BP,
many private collections.